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A Inocência do Mundo A Inocência do Mundo

A film by António-Pedro Vasconcelos

João and Cláudia are going through a contentious divorce process, marked by a dispute for the custody of their two children (5-year-old Rodrigo and 7-year-old Mateus). João isn’t a traditional father and sees joy as the most important component in education. But, due to negligence or bad luck, he subjects his children to unconventional situations. On the other hand, Cláudia is ambitious and focused on her job. She felt obliged to counterbalance João’s unregimented way of being and became a rigid and disciplinary mother as the years went by. The children alternate between living with each of their progenitors. This arrangement becomes at risk of being jeopardized when the mother accepts a job in another country, and intends on taking the children with her. However, an unforeseen event of global magnitude forces João and Cláudia to reevaluate their deepest certainties, and to put their grudges into perspective. 

| Film and mini-series 3 episodes | Shooting in Lisbon: June and July 2021

Cast and crew

Screenplay by Filipa Martins and António-Pedro Vasconcelos

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