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A Dog Called Money (2019), which integrated the Official Selection – Out of Competition at LEFFEST’19, is the most recent collaboration between PJ Harvey and photographer director Seamus Murphy, and will see its Portuguese premier on January 16.

PJ Harvey and Seamus Murphy have been collaborating since 2008, when the singer and songwriter saw one of Murphy’s photography exhibits and invited him into her projects. When the acclaimed Let England Shake was released in 2011, Murphy was responsible for the record’s visual component.

Their mutual admiration and friendship led to a new collaboration, which saw them travelling through the scenarios of some of modern history’s bloodiest wars, Kosovo and Afghanistan, as well as Washington DC. Three different art pieces were born: The Hope Six Demolition Project, a record filled with photographed, filmed and written stories turned into short musical tales; The Hallow of the Hand, a book where Harvey’s poetry dialogues with Murphy’s photography against the backdrop of their travels; and A Dog Called Money, a visual testimony of all this creative process.

After A Dog Called Money’s screening at LEFFEST’19, Murphy spoke with the audience about the collaboration which resulted in the feature: “It was all very open. We were discovering things, we weren’t under any deadline, we didn’t have any money. There was no money . . . The money that came into the film was for editing and post-production. So, it was very naïve, but I think it was the best way to make this project”. Watch the full Q&A session here.

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