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CHAMBRE 212, by Christophe Honoré, among other new titles, to see on Filmin

This week there are six more films to see at Filmin. The streaming platform offers, as of today, CHAMBRE 212 (2019), by Christophe Honoré; THE ZOMBIE CHILD (2019), by Bertrand Bonello; CARNEIROS (2015), by Grímur Hákonarson; THE ACADEMY OF MUSES (2015), by José Luis Guerin; STORY OF MY DEATH (2013), by Albert Serra; and PRINCE AVALANCHE (2015), by David Gordon Green.

CHAMBRE 212 tells the matrimonial saga of Maria (Chiara Mastroianni) and Richard (Benjamin Biolay). After 20 years of marriage, Maria decides to leave and moves to room 212 of the hotel in front of her home. Then she manages to scrutinize her apartment, her husband, her marriage, and wonders if she has made the right decision.

THE ZOMBIE CHILD takes us back to Haiti in 1962. A man returns from the dead to work in the merciless world of sugar cane plantations. Fifty-five years later, a young girl of Haitian descent confides a family secret to her colleagues, unaware of the serious consequences of this act. A contemporary horror story, based on the very concrete reality of French colonialism in Haiti, its narrative triggers a reflection on racism, imperialism and cultural memory.

From Haiti to Iceland, CARNEIROS. In an isolated valley, two brothers who have not spoken to each other in forty years will have to come together to save their most precious asset: their sheep.

In THE ACADEMY OF MUSES we meet a Philology teacher, who, when he returns home after a class, is interrogated by his wife, who is suspicious of his pedagogical approach. She distrusts especially of what he considers to be his “academy of muses”, a project of classical inspiration, with which he intends to regenerate the world through poetry.

In STORY OF MY DEATH, Casanova leaves a Swiss castle with the typical libertine atmosphere of the 18th century to spend his last days in poor, dark lands in northeastern Europe. There, his mundane life and rationalist thinking face a new violent, esoteric and romantic force, represented by Dracula and his eternal power.

PRINCE AVALANCHE tells the story of two road workers who spend the summer of 1988 away from their lives in the city. The landscape becomes an insulating factor and of misfortune, with the two men in disharmony with each other and with the women they left behind.

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