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João Nuno Pinto wins two awards at the Mostra de Valencia

The Mostra de Valencia - Cinema del Mediterrani has just announced its awards and MOSQUITO produced by Leopardo Filmes, in co-production with Alfama Films Production (France), APM Produções (Portugal), Delicatessen Films (Brazil) and Mapiko Filmes (Mozambique), directed by João Nuno Pinto, collects two awards: Best Photography for director of photography Adolpho Veloso and Best Soundtrack, for musician Justin Melland.

The 35th Mostra de Valencia thus joins the already extensive international journey of MOSQUITO, which started in January this year, when it was chosen as the Opening Film of the 49th edition of the IFFR - International FIlm Festival Rotterdam, where it was also part of the Official Selection - Big Screen Competition. Since then, MOSQUITO has been selected for about two dozen festivals (in Europe, Asia and South America), premiered in Portugal and France (with great critical acclaim), and has also ensured distribution in Brazil, among other countries . It was recently nominated as the Portuguese candidate for the Goya Awards.

MOSQUITO focuses on the journey of the soldier Zacarias, a young Portuguese man thirsty for living great heroic adventures during the First World War. Sent to Mozambique, where the conflict unfolds far from the eyes of the world, the soldier finds himself left behind by his platoon and goes on a long odyssey into the woods, looking for war and his dreams of glory.

«Mosquito seeks a history of the past to confront us with the choices of the present. Through the story of the young soldier Zacarias, we are confronted with the horror of war and the subjugation of African peoples by Europeans through colonial rule. The film allows us to know a little better a forgotten piece of our history, the First World War in Africa, forcing us to reflect on a much longer period that was our right to subjugate and “civilize” other peoples who, conveniently, we considered inferior.» João Nuno Pinto, director

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