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Leopardo Filmes distributes 5 films by Joseph Losey. Restored digital copies

Joseph Walton Losey III (14 January 1909 - 22 June 1984) was an American stage and film director, born in Wisconsin. Early in his career, he worked closely with Bertolt Brecht during the years he dedicated himself to the theater and, before presenting his first feature, he made some short films for MGM. Joseph Losey was an inventive filmmaker capable of surprising in every film. His work, marked by a strong political conscience and full of "provocative images", illustrates a formal mastery and "revolutionary aesthetics", came to be called "pure cinema" by the critic, turning Losey into a cult filmmaker.

His most fascinating films are those that result from the desperate need to shape his vision on the big screen; his exile from America in England shaped this vision, forcing Losey to identify himself even more with the outsiders he had portrayed throughout his successful filmography.

Joseph Losey is one of the great figures in the History of Cinema and, from January 21st it will be possible to (re)discover 5 of the great works he created in the place where they belong, the big screen.

5 films. Restored Digital Copies.

THE CRIMINAL (1960), by Joseph Losey

EVA (1962), by Joseph Losey

THE SERVANT (1963), by Joseph Losey

ACCIDENT (1967), by Joseph Losey

MR. KLEIN (1976), by Joseph Losey

On display at Medeia Nimas, Campo Alegre Theater, Charlot Cinema, TAGV - Academic Theater of Gil Vicente, Circo Theatre of Braga, CAE - Figueira da Foz Arts and Entertainment Center, among others.

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