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MOSQUITO keeps on going

The film by João Nuno Pinto, produced by Paulo Branco, continues in theatres in France, where it premiered on June 22nd, upon the reopening of French cinemas.

It’s been shown in over 30 rooms and has just been admitted to the prestigious Utopia Bordeaux, where it will remain for another 3 weeks.
Utopia Magazine addresses the film:

“If the reference to Joseph Conrad’s universe and his most renowned novel (O Coração das Trevas) is unavoidable, that’s because both the novel and film share one essential aspect: contrary to what a superficial reading may lead us to think, neither of them are – regardless of their narrative structure and their geographical and historical contexts – narratives about exotic adventures. Zacarias’s story – about a little boy lost in a hostile environment, fighting against hunger, cold, fever, and loneliness – if told at a different time, could be a narrative in the style of Kipling, about the Greatness of the White Man, the civilizer overcoming the adversities of the wild world. But no (thankfully!); the film does precisely the opposite. Because its true theme isn’t individual heroism, but rather the disastrous effects of colonialism both over its victims as well as its executioners (just like in Conrad’s novel). […] Mosquito isn’t a story of redemption, but rather of the painful dissecting of a coincidence regarding the unforgiving ruthlessness of the world.

In this reckless adventure, which draws as much from Xenofonte for the simplicity of its storytelling, as well as from Terrence Malick for the profoundity of its introspective search and its visual lyricism, João Nuno Pinto wisely blends the great and the small story, the real and the fantastical, the material and the spiritual, in order to transmit a message that, albeit not new, is still current: each of us carry on our shoulders, whether we want to or not, the weight of the iniquities provoked by our parents: and it’s up to each of us to become conscious of it so that we may free ourselves, because by denying it we will once again repeat the same mistakes. Ad nauseam.”

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