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Peter Handke's films, Nobel Prize in Literature 2019

The writer, screenwriter and director PETER HANDKE has just been announced as the Nobel Prize in Literature for 2019.

We could say that the author Peter Handke is one of ours. Paulo Branco first produced his film L'Absence / The Absence (1993), going onto produce Les Beaux Jours d'Aranjuez / The Beautiful Days of Aranjuez (2016), the film Wim Wenders directed from the play by the same name offered to him by Handke, the first of his books originally written in French (featuring a cameo by the writer himself). 

Handke has also been a regular guest at the LEFFEST — Lisbon & Sintra Film Festival, directed by Paulo Branco, attending the 2009, 2011, 2014 and 2016 editions. The festival showcased his films, Handke participated in several talks (see link below) and was a juror for the Meo Award, the European cinema schools' short-film competition taking place in 2014, the year the festival arranged a reading session of his texts by the actress Sophie Semin. 

That same year, Tiago Guedes directed the play The Beautiful Days of Aranjuez for the festival, with actors Isabel Abreu and João Pedro Vaz. The play would also go on to be put in print by the publisher Documenta, translated by Maria Manuel Viana. 

In 2017, Leopardo Filmes distributed a restaured copy of his film Die Linkshändige Frau / The Left-Handed Woman (1978) in theatres (soon out in dvd). 

Throughout the years, Peter Handke and Wim Wenders built a solid and creative friendship, resulting in several films by the German director. Apart from the already mentioned The Beautiful Days of Aranjuez, Leopardo Filmes has recently distributed his films The Goalie's Anxiety at the Penalty Kick (Die Angst Des Tormanns Beim Elfmeter, 1972), [Wenders: «My friendship with Peter Handke denotes the film's origin. I knew the novel before its publishing, and I'd told him: «During this reading, I had the impression of watching a film, the book is as though describing a film». He answered jokingly: «Well, then you only have to do it!» Until then, I had never written a script, I had no idea what such a thing even looked like. I took the book and split it into scenes; there wasn't much left to do, it was already assembled like a film. Each sentence was a plan, it was very simple.], Wrong Move (Falsche Bewegung, 1975, adapted from Goethe's work “Wilhelm Meister's Apprenticeship”) and Wings of Desire (Der Himmel Über Berlin) by Wim Wenders (1987) in theatres, in restaured digital copies. 

Leopardo Filmes is preparing a program of his films, to be showcased at Espaço Nimas throughout November. 

LEFFEST'16 The Left-Handed Woman - Talk with Peter Handke

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