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THE DOMAIN, a huge sucess in first public Portuguese TV station broadcast

On April 30 and May 1, the public Portuguese TV station RTP broadcasted THE DOMAIN, in a miniseries version of four episodes, seen by hundreds of thousands Portuguese viewers.

Episode 1:  600 thousand viewers;

Episode 2: 380  thousand viewers (it should be remarked that, due to a technical fail at the end of episode 1 the viewers were not warned that episode 2 would be broadcasted after the intermission commercials, which explains the decrease);

Episode 1:  500 thousand viewers;

Episode 1:  400 thousand viewers.

Which means an average of 470 thousand viewers, an extraordinary figure for Portuguese series or films.

[These are the figures of only the viewers attending the direct broadcast, and do not include the viewers that saw the series later in RTP Play or in the Box, which, after being added, will increase the number of viewers that saw THE DOMAIN in its first broadcast in public Portuguese television).

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