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Three more film titles and several sovietic films to see in Filmin Portugal

From May 1st, prominent titles in the panorama of Soviet cinema arrive at Filmin Portugal, among other recent works: LES ENFANTS DE ISADORA, by Damien Manivel; GRÂCE À DIEU, by François Ozon; L'AMANT DOUBLE, also by the French filmmaker; and a Soviet film package that includes MAN WITH THE MOVIE CAMERA, by Dziga Vertov; and WINGS, YOU AND ME and THE ASCENT, three works by Larisa Sheptiko.

After the death of her two children in April 1913, the renowned dancer Isadora Duncan created a farewell solo to which she gave the title “Mother” and in which, in a moment of extreme tenderness, a woman cradles her children for the last time. A century later, four women with different backgrounds, identities and ages find this dance bleak. Divided into three parts, Les Enfants d’Isadora is an ode to love and appreciation of beauty.

In GRÂCE À DIEU, François Ozon evokes a true story of abuse in the heart of the French church, through Alexander and his family. One day he discovers that the priest who abused him when he was a scout is still working with children. He decides to take action in order to break the silence regarding the priest's crimes, with the support of François and Emmanuel, who discovers that they are also victims. Also from the French filmmaker, L'AMANT DOUBLE introduces us to Chloé, a young and fragile woman, who falls in love with her psychoanalyst, Paul. When they decide to live together a few months later, Chloé soon realizes that her partner is hiding part of her identity.

On the other side of the world, a documentary with a very rhythmic montage, showing the people of Moscow in their daily lives and the machinery that keeps the city in motion, appears in MAN WITH THE MOVIE CAMERA, by Dziga Vertov.

Other available tittles:
- ARSENAL, de Aleksandr Dovzhenko
- WINGS, de Larisa Shepitko
- YOU AND ME, de Larisa Shepitko
- ASCENT, de Larisa Shepitko
- JULY RAIN, de Marlen Khutsiev
- FAREWELL, de Elem Klimov
- NINE DAYS OF ONE YEAR, de Mikhail Romn
- AND I STILL BELIEVE..., de Mikhail Romn, Herman Lavrov, Elem Klimov e Marlen Khutsiev
- DARK EYES, de Nikita Mikhalkov
- UNCLE VANYA, de Andrei Konchalovsky
- SIBERIADE, de Andrei Konchalovsky

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