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MOSQUITO, CROOKED LINES and RUTH now available on HBO Portugal

The HBO Portugal catalog is enriched with three more Leopardo Filmes productions: MOSQUITO, by João Nuno Pinto; CROOKED LINES, by Rita Nunes; and RUTH, by António Pinhão Botelho.

MOSQUITO introduces us Zacarias. A young portuguese man dreaming of great adventures and of standing up for his homeland, who enlists in the army during World War I and is sent to the front line in Mozambique, Africa. Left behind by his platoon, he sets out on a grueling trek across the mystic Makua native land, walking for over a thousand kilometers, in search of his dream.

In CROOKED LINES we’ll see a story of misleading love affairs and their consequences, moved by Destiny, through an unexpected meeting on Twitter. Here we meet young actress Luísa and António, a writer and journalist, who hides his identity using Rasputine as his profile name. This virtual relationship becomes the centre of their lives. António is attracted by Luísa’s irresistible charm and youthfulness, and Luísa finds in Rasputine the realisation of her love aspirations. They finally decide to meet. But, on his way, António has an accident…

And last but not least, RUTH is a film about the society of metropolitan Portugal and its African colonies at the beginning of the 1960’s. This is the story of a young Mozambican footballer called Eusébio, a gifted athlete destined to great achievements, coveted by rival clubs, Sporting and Benfica, which ends up hiring him. Blackmail, kidnapping attempts, ministers involved, press hysteria and huge money offers make the story of this football transfer into a saga evolving between the two continents. It ends up when the legend begins: with Eusébio’s first match at the Benfica Stadium.

Three works not to be missed. Now on HBO Portugal.

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